Ryko Survey and Ranking For Custen Metal Spinning

The Quality Management System at Ryco Manufacturing Company includes a supplier rating process. This process supports the concept that suppliers are an integral extension of the Ryko Quality System. Our suppliers impact the overall quality and performance for our current and potential customers.

The rating process takes into account five performance measurements for each supplier actively supplying goods and services to Ryko. This data is used to establish a rating classification for each supplier. This classification process allows us to review the supplier's current performance and focus on those areas that may need improvement. The rating process is intended to stimulate dialogue between CUSTEN METAL SPINNING and RYKO.

This letter is based on data recorded during the period of January 1, 2003 through December 31, 2003. The table below includes:

  • The score for each measured element of the rating system earned by CUSTEN METAL SPINNING
  • The number of lots received from CUSTEN METAL SPINNING during the rating period
  • The total number of pieces received during the rating period
  • The supplier rating earned by CUSTEN METAL SPINNING based on the Buyer's evaluation of the data accumulated during the rating period.

We believe this information will help both of our companies become better suppliers to our customers. Thank you for your interest and support.

Total Lots Considered in the Period: 23
Total Pieces Considered in the Period: 2831

Area Measured Potential Score Earned Score
Quality 50 49.65
Delivery 30 27.39
Documentation 10 10.00
Technical Support 5 5.00
Cost 5 5.00
Total Score 100 97.04

These scores have earned CUSTEN METAL SPINNING a supplier rating classification of:

Note: the classifications used by this process are "Certified", "Approved", "Conditional", and "Unapproved".